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Ok, I have an HP 7200i CDRW-Drive. Now, I need to know what program I can use which let’s me make images (and burn them of course) of multiple-track game CDs which have unreadable data (safedisk). I’ve been using Duplicator which works great but crashes when I try to overburn and also doesn’t do multiple tracks. Clone CD burns coasters. CDRwin fails to work at all.

Another thing I need to know is whether or not I can overburn with the HP 7200i. I was able to overburn slightly (74.5 minutes worked) but anything else (like 78 minutes) crashed Duplicator. I’m hoping it was a problem with Duplicator. The reason I think it is is that Clone CD at least made an image of a 78-min CD. When I burned it it didn’t work but then again, Clone CD didn’t work for a 72-minute CD either.

So, basically I need to know if (a) the HP 7200i can overburn at all, and (b) what program I can use with my CDR-drive to copy CDs with unreadable data and multiple tracks which overburn (if the answer to (a) was yes). Any help is greatly appreciated.



Check out the supported burners on the Nero site.
There you will find that your burner does not support overburning.


O.K. What u need 2 do is install Nero - make sure u un-install e z CD first tho’, or u will find that Windows doesn’t u much :wink: Then, u can look at the info 4 u’re CD drive. It will tell u whether CD text, Overburn, and a few other things r supported.


Well dammit. Can anyone suggest a good IDE CDRW drive that will overburn, copy unreadable data (as unreadable data), and copy multiple tracks. I know there must be a few. My friend recommends Plextor or Teac. If you can give me a quick rundown on what my best options are and a fair internet pricing of them, I’d be much obliged.


I had this problem in the beginning to buying an cd writer, I thought that every cd writer was the same but now I now it isn’t



take a look at 2 news items on cdfreaks:


and taken from Wild Wild Web (
06.03 Plextor to support RAW writes?

                                            The webmaster of Recording Underground mailed
                                            me that he has been able to get good contacts from
                                            Plextor that feed him with news and even some
                                            inside information. He gave me the following status
                                            report on the hot RAW write support issue:

                                            "And about the raw-writing itself: It is still in
                                            development, and there are still some minor
                                            problems to overcome. As soon as the technology
                                            is released, it'll be released for all PlexWriters with
                                            flashable firmware. The reason that the
                                            raw-reading was removed on some firmware
                                            versions was because of compatibility problems"

                                            So it seems that flash updates are on their way -
                                            Great news for all happy Plextor owners.


I would say, go for plextor !

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