Help me extract some pics PLEASE

I have a sony mavica digital camera that writes
directly to a cd.
When you are done taking pics, you must finalize
them. When I try to do this, I get an error message
“disc error”
The pics were recorded to the cd, but I can’t extract them.
Is there anyone that can help me???
I’m so~~~ desperate!

they may be under a SONY proprietary file format.
do you have all of the sony software installed on your pc?
does the manual offfer any help.
check their website too.

Read directions carefully, and if necessary contact Sony Support. I know that I have just a standalone burner/copier for DVD, and it wouldn’t finalize a disc without being hooked up to a tv and following a bunch of menu prompts on screen, to get the disc to finalize… Make sure you follow directions exactly…

I will check this all out and hopefully I can retrieve my pics…
I’ll be in touch!
Thanks again! :slight_smile:

nice camera. in future you could try another brand of cd…if possible. also try isobuster, see if it can see any data on the cd

what is isobuster and where do I find it???


There you are. :cool:

Yes. IsoBuster will find any data that’s been written to CD or DVD and let you extract to your HD.

OMG…you guys are AWESOME!!!

Find lost pictures created and saved to CD or DVD with Sony Mavica, other digital cameras or other devices with embedded UDF write functionality.

This totally gives me hope!!
If this works…I will send lots of smooches your way!! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!!

I think it will force you to BUY, to unlock that function.

If it’s using variable packet (CD-R) UDF, then it might be readable in a writer with DirectCd installed

OMG…You guys ROCK!!!

I downloaded the free version, put the cd in and lordy be…
it recovered my pics.

I did however have to buy the pro version, but for $25 I won’t complain
Because, it was going to cost $200-300 to send it off and get them

Thanks again guys!!!
Smooches to ya



I have that Mavica as well (CD350). I have never finalized a CD. I just plug it into my laptop (USB cable), download the pics, then delete the pics on the mini cd in camera and keep on snapping…