Help me extract album art from Mp3 tags, please!

I’ve spend countless hours trying to get the album art from my Mp3s into their respected folders. I’ve imported all my Mp3s into iTunes and used iTunes Art Imported to attach the art to the Mp3. (Great for viewing it in iTunes and on the Video iPod). But I also have my collection on my Xbox using XBMC and would like to have a .jpeg in each folder for a thumbnail view. I’ve tried Mp3ImageTagExtractor but it’s very buggy. I’ve also tried Abander, but having over 550 albums, doing one at a time would be torture. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I haven’t used any software to do what you want but I found “xPort” on It is at the bottom of the page. It is payware but there is a trial download and no installation required, just a standalone file, so it should be easy to get rid of if it doesn’t work out. They claim you can extract album art from the mp3tag.

Good Luck

Thanks for that, but it doesn’t work for files on the hard drive. It’ll only read the iPod.

There is this freeware program called “The Godfather”. It can remove, copy or ‘copy and remove’ album art from mp3’s on the harddisk of your computer to a folder of your choosing. I think it’s just what you need.
Don’t let the interface scare you off, it’s overwhelming at first.
It’s really just a matter of organizing your mp3’s right, make sure they all contain album and artist tags, and then with a few mouse clicks you’re on your way.

I’ll give that a shot and let you know how I make out. Thanks.

hii i found this useful although its not a professional software, its free and did some extraction for me…

MP3Tag can add and remove album art.

There’s probably a WinAmp plug in that’ll do it too.

I wrote a perl script will search a directory for mp3s and extract the album art.

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Extracted art for 1,000 + albums in about 5-10 minutes. I used Musicmatch to add the art to my mp3s. Creates a logfile that lists the folders w/o album art. So you can go back and add the art you missed. By default it resizes the images to 150x150 however you can change the dimensions to whatever you want.


I just finished it. It is a small program that will extract all of the album art from your iTunes into normal image files (jpg or png). Also, it can create an animated web mosaic of your album art if you want to easily post it online.

Updated the iTunes Album Art Extractor link below.

Nice work. Thanks, synerr1.

I’m not into the album art yet so I’m going to ask what is likely a stupid question…

Are the image files actually in the correct directories?

I’m asking are they in the same directories as the mp3 files
that you want them associated with?

IF NOT might I suggest a brute force approach and using the file management program of your choice to move the files to those directories…

I personally use a program calles Z-Tree to accomplish that, but it isn’t the only game in town.


I gave the iTunes Album Artwork Extractor (iaae project on sourceforge) a try and got it running after playing around with the directory structure. For a Windows installation, it took some time working with the error dialog boxes to get the right files in the right path. Then it did what it was built to do. Not too great for those with only basic computer skills, but maybe the MAC OSX version works out of the box.

I tried out Abander MP3 Image Extractor as well. It only worked on MP3 files as it advertises, and one folder at a time. No batch operations unfortunately. Try it, or its big brother (TagControl) at this link

Have fun.

Using MP3-Tag seems to be the easiest of all using “Actions” menu:

Check out these links, and get your album art pulled in minutes, from more than one audio format…

The initial discussion:

Later development:

This leaves the image file in the same folder as the music files. :slight_smile: