Help me enjoy my Sounds (the perfect CDR experience)



I love my music, and one of the most important ingredients to enjoying it is the quality of it.
I’ve read lots of posts, and made a few of my own (problems with CDR’s & playing them in my vehicle). A lot of you really know your stuff. Yet the stuff you know in lots of cases is different. I think if we all put down our personal experiences, we can all come up with a solution that will lead to less frustration and a more enjoyable listening experience. What I want to know (and I’m sure would be useful to others) is:

  1. What CDR’s have you had the most success with?
  2. What speed did you burn them?
  3. What software did you use (that gave you the best results)?
  4. Is there any software that can enhance the music (allow you to edit it), like adjusting the Bass & Treble before you burn it?
  5. What size were the CDR’s?
  6. Where did you find them?
  7. What was the best price and most reliable source?
    I suppose you’re wondering why I didn’t ask what burner you used. I figured that info is up to you to give if you want to share it (cause there are so many manufacturers and some of the distributors put there own name on different manufactured drives).

You Guys, & Gals are the best
Thanks & God Bless
Uncle Bob


Hi UncleB,

hopefully you’ve read my mssg 2 u here :wink: