Help me doing my cd quality charts

Hi guys , this is my first thread , so whats up :slight_smile:

guys i need little help , i think it good for me or even u guys, ok i need to make small chart about CDs’ qualities (i need everybody view’s) i hope it won’t be the same @ last

this manufactoris i need to know the best one till i reach to worst one (the fornet is worst one in my view,ummm but about the best it confuse me)

these manufactories are:Ritek,Mitsui,Maxell,Acer,Cmc,Prodisc,Plasmon,Sony,Princo,TDK,Taiyo Yuden,Fornet,Ricoh. (did i forget any other factory :bigsmile: )

Remember…Good cds that can live with me @ least 10 years ,and which can take the manytime using , with no or less error :rolleyes: .

i hope the answer be like 1.Ritek 2.CMC something like that… :iagree:

i have many question but let me see the answers for this one first.

good luck
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Not sure you can ever reach a perfect ordering, as it can vary with drive and use.

eg. Princo are not great, but they have a reputation for working well in difficult players.

I’d agree that Fornet are bottom of the barrel (eg 74 min that are unusable to full length), but I have a player that likes them.

You also find that some makers manage to change, Ritek went from average to good.
CMC produced some shockers, but their best stands comparison with other media of average quality.

Sony (using Lead Data) have a poor reputation, but perhaps they’ve switched.

Different brands may also be using media from different factories under different names, often with only a plus or something to distinguish them.


This link is about dvds, but there’s some info there

According to them Ricohjpn is in the 2nd class media even if here i read it’s quite at same level of Verbatim MCC…anyone know why? :confused:

As far as i know [ by reading thread here :slight_smile: ] best media ID are: TY, MCC, RicohJPN, & TDK of course

Am i wrong?

:rolleyes: ummm

zevia :these FAQ for Digital video disc, i want something like this for recordable cds . (15% helpful anyway) :wink:

ichinisan : i mean cds manufactories :eek: i think i forget to mention SKC :stuck_out_tongue: , what is your help for me :confused: (2% helpful)>

Matth :well matth i can’t get my point if no one answer my question < i have many old Ritak cds version 00H,05H , new one i think is 02H,04H till now i don’t get any error from second version , but first one :eek: won’t be re’a’d anymore. CMC are good for unimportant data saving , i wonder why i can’t see the manufactor made of the cd for the 52x cds (which made in India) i think it maybe those cd are unoriginal i check the offical site before 2 month , i saw the last speed was 48X and when i check it in alcohol it CMC made [EU made] , but 52x won’t display anything (media can’t be detected).
well i want to say it is cd @ last but about quality :confused: (well you 29% helpful :wink: )

oh guys plz help me (i think its like research for everybody :bigsmile: ) i thought i well get many answers espeically on this site :a , or its matter of time :confused: >

Maybe you could try here:

You mean here?

Though that is very out of date, especially as to who uses what:
Imation switched to CMC
Sony switched to Lead Data
Fujifilm vary - made in Japan is good, the other may be CMC

Ritek - greatly improved their CD quality.
CMC - Some improvement - their best is ok.

As I understand it, Ricoh media is made by Ritek to Ricoh specifications - and “made by/for” media often confuses the issue, as it can be switched to other plants while still using the same code.

Hi guys…

Thanks goes to Matth for his help…

matth the problem is that Fuji cds are good i didn’t disagree with that but its so hard to get here 1cd fuji = $1 kinda expensive (same problem with Kodak cds hard to find and expensive too) , i think fuji cds are made by taiyo yuden, i can’t find sony cds made by T.Y. impossiable to be found nowaday. :sad:

well no one spoked about other manufactories ,like plasmon which is avaliable 90% i don’t know if its original or not, many brands like Impulse or Datalife or touchmate under this manufactory, is it good! let me end this point first (if plasmon good or not).(matth you 30% helpful)

well matth why i didn’t get many help here, did i choose the wrong place in forms (am i wrong) , well tomorrow i will put new question maybe no one like this thread :frowning: .

Can you tell us where you are located? People in different regions have different experience with their media. Take for example Fuji cdrs in N.Amercia are either TY (made in Japan) or Prodisc (made in Taiwan). But over in Europe, they have different manufacturers for their Fuji.

i will end this thread , i will talk again about it after some days , non-enough help on my question :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

(only matth & Shin_79 are helpful…thanks freinds) :wink:

Stream][code (this time :sad: )

check my second thread… :Z - one report for Plasmon - I’d like to see a few less C1 errors, but it’s no disgrace - you’d expect good readability from that kind of result, it’s just that with a slower drive and media, I’m used to averaging at 1 C1 or less, peak 10.

If you look at the scans in that section, a high peak anywhere (usually the end) is a bad sign.

Have you tried reading this thread

well factfinder i gave my final view in

now tell me your view im right or wrong :smiley:

i think i have to search for something other than cd , enough blaming

our data are will be fly :Z something should be done :bow:

bad luck :stuck_out_tongue:


He was asking about Cd-r’s and as far as I know Optodisc doesn’t make cd-r’s.

matth the problem is that Fuji cds are good i didn’t disagree with that but its so hard to get here 1cd fuji = $1 kinda expensive (same problem with Kodak cds hard to find and expensive too) , i think fuji cds are made by taiyo yuden, i can’t find sony cds made by T.Y. impossiable to be found nowaday

FUJI can be made by FUJI (my Lite On 52327S burns these better at TY at 16x and higher ) or TY or if your unlucky you get Ritek or Prodisc.
Last 2 are not as good as TY(made in Japan) or FUJI.(made in germanny/japan (RARE) )

All posted so called FAQ’S in this forum are unreliable.
Still what they most times list as very good is very good but after that things go wrong.

About plasmon. Plasmon sells technology they hardly makes disc’s themselves.
The end product can variate huge in quality from very good to very bad it’s the end manufacturer that decides the quality. Not plasmon or chiba (chemical supplier of dye for most disc’s which are manufactured with plasmon stampers.)

From the brands you listed above. On what should I base it on all media the manufacturer makes or for the stuff they release under there own code.
Prodisc has made Mitsui disc’s with Mitsui code in the past.
And MBIL and CMC made disc’s for MCC in the past.

Also on what should I base it. on burning quality after burning or on the actuall quality after I demolished them with sunlight, Humidity or something else. :slight_smile:

Also MITSUI is no longer there. (Unless japan maybe. Maybe Koba or someone else can answer that one if Mitsui is still manufactureing in Japan)
What you now have MAM-A/E which is ex-mitsui taken over by CSI and which makes much worse quality media. Newer low price cd-r media comes even with CSI code.

speaking of brands the brand i hate is :cop: sony :cop: becuase one reason , sony cds now made everywhere :eek: , France,Hong kong,India,japan (japanese one can’t be found right now) (FRA,Hong kong,france under Sony manufactorie :Z ,but japan made is Tayio yuden_ :bigsmile: )

i understand somthing…lowest quality can be found everywhere and with lowest price :confused: . higher quality can not be found easliy even if it little bit expensive :eek: .

i wonder why Nashua cds hold ISO Cert. if the cds are prodisc manu. :confused: (i don’t have any error with these cds till now. :iagree: )

ISO 9000 certification says nothing about the quality of the end product.
Still it sounds fancy for the folks who don’t know a thing about quality certifications.

dahaas you speak about quality ,then i think u can answer my first question , you the only one who said it,do you mean “Grade A” about cd quality certification (try to give me more information whats the different i thought ISO is quality certification),i saw many cds like Concord and Touchmate and many more under Plasmon manufactorie , and i found these are rubbish @ the end (many error you know).

again can you inform me whats the different between “Grade A” & “Iso cert.” any website well be good if it discuss these things…

ISO 9000 is a “pen pushers” certificate for having good paperwork - I’ve been through that crap, and it bears no relation to reality at all.

Like Matth allready said ISO 9000 certificate is just good paperwork to be very negative.
To be a bit more exact. the ISO 9000 standars are about the way you implemeted the quality controle.
What does this mean. Well it means that on paper you have a good methode of how to manage (!) your quality controle. However the exact product quality is not defined. It’s open to the creators.

So seem grades. There seems to be no gradeing manufactureing standard. At least that’s what my info suggests. But if anyone got better info then I like to see this.
So anyone can grade it the way he thinks it.
Note: There is a gradeing system based on semi profesional standard analyzers however this seems not be a standard according to my info like I said above.