Help me decide



Im getting a dvd burners but im hving trouble in choosing which 1 i should get

  1. LG GSA-4167b
  2. Benq DW1650
  3. NEC OEM 4570

This 3 is the only brand sold near my place so i need some help in finding the burner that is the best.


Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum ClouDx,
Both the LG & the Nec should give satisfactory results provided the media is very good to excellent (Taiyo Yuden MCC etc). If you media availability could be a problem ie varing sources/grade etc then the BenQ is the one. Personally I’d go with the BenQ an excellent all rounder with bitsetting/SolidBurn/OverSpeed all supported by manufacturer. LG is a fast & reliable writer but not so hot in other areas. The Nec is a safe DVDRW IMHO, not really excelling unless paired with Liggy & Dees’ f/w :bow: .



if you don´t need DVD-RAM support I would recommend the Benq!