Help me decide on DVD/RW



I have a friend that is looking to purchase his first DVD/RW and he’s looking at a Sony DRU120C, and I have suggested the LiteOn LH-20A1H-185. He insists that the Sony has better reviews and is the better machine, am I missing something here? The LiteOn has better specs, is less expensive, and has free shipping at the moment. The two can be seen here

I will appreciate any and all responses.


Opinions being one of the most available pieces of information I’m amazed that no one here is expressing theirs. Don’t bother to respond to this as your opinions are not wanted anymore.


That’s a PPA if I’ve ever seen one…

Anyway, here’s my unbiased opinion:

The Sony has the benefit of a more developed firmware, which should work out most of the bugs in previous releases.

The Lite-On is still a relatively new burner, using a speed that is new technology for DVD burning. Lite-On does have excellent firmware support with some of there R&D personel occasionally visiting this very forum.