Help me decide on a config



I need to assemble a new PC for general everyday use.
I’m deciding between

Intel Pentium E2160
Intel DG31PR mobo


AMD Athlon X2 4000+
Asus M2A-VM mobo

If I go with Intel I get a better processor but worse mobo. With AMD I get a worse processor but a better mobo.

I have no need to overclock so only consider stock performance. I’m leaning towards the AMD combo because it has 4 slots for the RAM and better onboard graphics.


If you aren’t doing hard core gaming, video editing, photo editing, most pc’s should be just fine for you. You won’t really need more that 2 memory slots, if you don’t need more than 2mg of ram, which you shouldn’t if you aren’t doing as I previously said. If you do want more, than consider more than what you are looking at.


I would go with the AMD setup, but consider the Gigabyte 690G motherboard


I’d agree with eric93se, the Gigabyte board is better.
Otherwise the new model of it is out.



The new model isn’t available in my country yet.

I’ll get the Gigabyte 690G.

Would there be any issues if I decide to use an nVidia card with this mobo?


Which country are we talking about?


I also would go with the AMD


Normally, I would have recommended neither of the two combos. If the budget system with integrated graphics were for me, I would have gotten either the E2160 with a better motherboard than any G31-based one (this means a G33 or G35 chipset), or a faster AMD processor than the x2 4000+ (e.g. the x2 5200+ or 5600+) with the AMD/ATi chipset-based motherboard.

But then again, this is a “budget” system whose primary use is word processing, music/video downloads and web-surfing, with some limited gaming (using older titles) thrown in for good measure. In this case, I’d give the nod to the AMD system simply because it’s better balanced in performance. The Intel system has a quite potent “budget” processor – but why drag down its potential with underperformance integrated graphics? In addition, the G31 chipset still uses the old ICH7 southbridge (which dates back to the days of the i945 series chipsets), with its native support for only four SATA devices and no AHCI or RAID support, while the G31 chipset’s MCH supports only four banks (ranks) of memory total (this results in the inclusion of only two DIMM slots on most G31 motherboards, and two double-sided DIMM modules already make up four banks of memory).


Which country are we talking about?

Thanks for you help. I’ll go with the AMD system.