Help Me, Dammit...pleeeze!

This is my third time formatting my hard drive and reinstaling everything…I’m at my wit’s end.

I have a Compaq Presario V2000, using an HL-DT-ST-DVD-RW GWA-4082N drive to back up my movies with 1click.

I’m be-bopping along, backing up my DVDs fine and dandy…both the copies and originals play back fine…for a while.

Here’s my problem: Certain CDs (for example, Proof) produce an error. Either there are many bad sectors, or just unable to copy the disk. The disk is clean, no fingerprints, scratches.

After that error message, my DVD will play back videos (either copied or original) choppy. The picture stutters, the sound clips. Nothing that I do to my system will change this.

I’ve tried:

-uninstalling, reinstalling 1click and DVD43Free.
-uninstalling, reinstalling graphics, video, sound drivers.
-using my Windows disk to repair windows.
-changing the IDE secondary and primary channel properties back and forth from PIO to DMA.
-uninstalling my DVD drive and reinstalling.
-disk cleanup

Nothing works! The last time this happened, I could have sworn that these settings were different, but I’m not 100% completely sure:

Primary IDE Channels:
Type: Auto Detect
Transfer: DMA if available
Current: Ultra DMA Mode 5
Auto Detection
Trnasfer: DMA if Applicable
Current: Not Applicable

Secondary IDE CHannel Properties
Type: Auto Detect
Transfer: DMA if available
Transfer: Multi-world DMA Mode 2
Auto Detect
DMA If Available
Current: Not App.

That’s the current settings.

Why would a disk failing to copy make my DVDs play back choppy?

Please, I need your help. Be a hero and help out a girl in distress!

Thanks in advance :bow:

Some dvds contain Intervideo Player and will install it on your computer, unless you are very careful. This software can cause conflicts with other DVD playing software and specifically does not like copies.

DVD43, while free, is an inferior product to AndDVD. It has problems with certain titles, but I am unfamiliar with Proof. It has been around for a while, so it shouldn’t have any exotic protection schemes.

Your DVD player could be beginning to fail.

It’s like this …

DVD43 is not updated regularly
and has trouble keeping up with the latest encryption schemes .
I would go ahead and just try AnyDVD .

DVD43 has been known to cause some issues for some users .
DVD43 is also known for having trouble with the some of the ‘newer’ titles

Try the AnyDVD , 21 day free trial.

When installing AnyDVD ,
AnyDVD will prompt you to remove DVD43 .
Agree to remove .
After the installation of AnyDVD is complete ,
Reboot .
Search and Delete any found remnants of DVD43 .
Reboot .
AnyDVD might just be the simple solution to your issue .
[/color]On some of the ‘newer’ titles ,
you’re probably going to need the AnyDVD"RIPPER" anyway ,

So give it a go and see what you’ve been missing !

:slight_smile: DVDRextreme[/size]

Hey I’m just wondering if you got any help.

I have the SAME computer with the identical problem.

Just had a super tech guy leave my house after 2 hours with his head shaking.

He said to return it to the manufacturer but that means I’m without it for 2-3 weeks. I’m a student and that just will not work.

So did anyone help you or did you have to return it?

If they did , in fact , Try AnyDVD , then they got the help they needed . :iagree:

Have you tried AnyDVD ?
You might be surprised . :cool: