Help me choosing Liteon iHAS 324 drive?


I want to buy liteon iHAS 324 but i found 3 different type for this model (iHAS 324-32A, iHAS324-32Y & iHAS 324-32B) which i knew A & B use mediatek chipset and Y use NEC chipset.
So i want to know which drive is the best for burning & scanning and differences between them?

I personally think that the new iHAS324 B drives are the best performing, however, there is not much support out for them yet.

Another thing you wanta lookout for is that you want to get the Liteon branded B series drive, not a B series clone from Asus or HP. That way you’ll have access to the latest firmwares. I bought an HP Liteon clone and the firmware is outdated and I can’t flash the latest Liteon firmware for that model because no flasher exists yet that will allow flashing of these drives. I might just take the HP back, have 30 days to return the drive.