Help me choosing between these different DVDRs

i m sorry im wirting off topic, but, are those CD’S are same as those:
only that those are verbatim, and those of TY? BTW, what is the difference between:

is the printable layer is better in some tech-way? i mean if its performence is better, cause i cant print on discs anyway, so i dont really care if its printable or not, and the 8$ are quite difference. sorry for my english, but i must ask in this forum, its the best forum in the world for this things, tnx to this forum i cant be more pleazed with my DVD burner i bought, in other word, there isnt any one in the whole world i whpuld want to get help about those issues beside the people in the forum(and again, my english is almost un-readble, sry).

No, the printable layer does not make a technical difference at all.
The difference between the first and the second link is that the first link’s discs are not printable and come in clean cakeboxes and the second link’s discs are printable, but much more expensive and come in shrinkwrap.
Maybe a new thread would be better for questions like that one :cop:

Maybe a new thread would be better for questions like that one :cop:
Agreed, done. :wink:

tnq for answering altough llo the horrible spelling mistakes :clap: :clap:

i mean my spelling mistakes, you write kust fine m8.