Help Me Choosing A Dvdrw



please help me choosing one of these dvd writers I found in my region.
my main use is to burn audio and mp3 for my car
so i need the best cd writer and the best cd reader because of many audio cd of mine are little bit scratched
the models :

  • liteon 20A4P
  • lg GSA-H55
  • Optiarc 5170a
  • samsung Sh-203D

and thank you very much


If you wanted just good CD audio burning, I’d have narrowed it down to the Optiarc 5170A (I have the 5170S, and it does well in this respect) and the Samsung 203D.

But since you need a good reader too, IMO that narrows it even further to the Sammy. Of course, others haven’t posted their opinions yet :wink:


thank you
besides i have an aopen dvd reader, it’s not very bad cd reader
so i’ll go for the optiarc than
thank you again