Help Me Choose



Need to update my Pio 112d to a sata drive.
I need a drive to burn DVD-R + DVD+DL only.
Narrowed down to 3 drives but need some questions answered…

1 : How good was the Pioneer 216 ?
(the 217 are like gold dust in the uk and the S18 has bad press so i have tracked down some new 216 drives)

2 : Lite-On IHAS524 : whats this chipset BS, A or Y .
(could I end up with an inferior drive in the “Y” version, just hate it when manufacturers sell 2 versions of the same product because 1 is always better than the other)

3: Optaric 7240s, is the bezel dark gray or black ?
(some users stating the drive is not completely black so it wouldn’t look right in my new black case)

I would have bought the optaric by now only for the bezel issue !!
Samsung drives are not on my shortlist as i already have a 203N.



The Pioneer 216 is considered as one of the best drives. If you can get your hands on one (for a good price), then go for it.
The Optiarc should have a black front plate, not a grey one (unless it is an OEM drive originally intended to fit a certain brand computer).