Help me choose the correct setting with nero

just trying to make sure:bigsmile: could someone be kind enough to see if I’m doing everything correctly? I use these setting to burn a Divx file, or other data:

-No Multisession
-ISO Level 2
-Mode 1
-ISO 9660
-No joilet? (is it ok? I don’t need this, right?)
-Nothing ticked in “Relax ISO Restrictions”
-Catch files smaller than 64KB (it was the default setting, should I change it?)
-Some burn speed
-Write Method: Disc-At-Once (is this better than DAO 96?)
-Number of Copies: 191 :wink:

HMM! And why is buffer-underrun disabled? it was always enabled, I think

and the second “hmm” why can I not write the label in lowercase?

there are no such thing as “correct” settings; that’s why there are multiple options. download and install a language pack so that u can get the help files and read up on the options in more depth. the settings u laid out are certainly suitable for burning any type of data, but there’s some level of customizing u can do, mostly in how the filesystem is laid out (which is most apparent to most users in how the filenames and folders are handled).

as for buffer-underrun being disabled, unless the box is grayed out (for reasons that would be beyond me), just enable it. to use lowercase letters in the label, u need to check the Joliet box.