Help me choose my new CDRW & DVD/CD

I plan to buy next week a new CDwriter and a new CD/DVD drive.
What is the best combination to defeat the max number of protections and extracting all kind of cd-audio?

I can choose between:
DVD Drive:

  • 16x/48x LiteOn (LTD-163-02VH) 41€
  • 16x/40x Sony DDU-1621 38€
  • 16x/48x Toshiba (SD-M1612) 44€

and cdrw drive:

  • 40/12/48 Liteon (LTR-40125S) 59€
  • 48/12/48 Liteon (LTR-48125S) 73€
  • 40/10/40 SONY CRX-195E 64€
  • 40/12/48 TEAC CD-W540E 83€
  • 40/10/40 LG 59€

Thanks and sorry for my English

None of yours. Reading Cactus CDs properly requires a Yamaha F1-E or a Plextor drive.

Thanks. But both of them are too expensive for me, and i dont mind just for 1 copy protection.

Ive been searching your forums, and i think the best combo i can make is:

Toshiba 16x DvD
LiteON 40x CDRW
Am i Correct?


It would be reasonable: The Toshiba can read Key2Audio V2, the LiteOn can read Key2Audio V3, so no problem with Key2Audio.

I will finally invest in a Plextor 40/12/40A.
And my question now is:

Plextor40/12/40A + Liteon DVD 16x/48x


Plextor 40/12/40A + Toshiba DVD 16x/48x


btw the plextors cannot copy Securom