Help me choose dvd writer to buy?

pardon me, but this is yet another buying advice. the ff dvd writers are available in our place:

Liteon LH-18A1H487C
Sony DRU-830AK

i’d be using it mainly to backup data and burn dvd and divx movies for playing in dvd player. which would be the best buy among them? thanks.

I would go for Liteon LH-18A1H487C even though it’s not as good as the previous model.

LGs have very good burn quality (if you feed it with good media). I would recommend the H22 (Panasonic) instead of the H42 (Renesas).
If you want accurate quality testing and/or a learning mode, you should get the LiteOn.

The ASUS is nothing special (except for being a three sheep burner) but for backuping data and movies it should not make a difference.
The Sony is a relabeled Samsung. Again, nothing special.

which is less picky in terms of media? producing the more quality burns? lg or lite-on? would the new lite-on 20A1H better in the those qualities than the 18A1H? i guess if i could find a benq 1640 and above, it would trump all the other writers?

i saw samsung SH-S182M drives in a local store. how would this rate with the writer above?