Help me choose DL Burner

Hello everyone.

I don’t know how long it was since the last time i used this forum :slight_smile:
Was looking into getting a new burner and this forum popped into my head :iagree:

When in need of help, ask the best :flower:

So last dvd burner i bought was the Nec 2510A wich i then used herries firmware patch on to get the bitsetting.

I got a big problem though, i need to start using DVD+R DL discs nowdays and my current burner doesn’t support anything other then -R when burning DL.

And as i have never needed anything other then my burner supplied me with before i never kept up to date with the newer hardware that came.
So that’s where i need you all :bow:

As i mentioned before i need this new burner for primary DL discs but i will still be writing alot of normal DVD-R discs as i have alot of G05 still at home :slight_smile:

  • Quality of the burning is more important than the speed for me.
  • But ofcourse it would be nice not to have a too slow burner.
  • Options like lightscribe and equally would be a fun addition.
  • Bitsetting is a must.
  • Layerbrake is also really important for me (mostly for + media as - has a fixed layerbrake)

Some of my friends recomend Pioneer alot, other Plextor.
I browsed these forum a while also and seems that Benq? has some candidate that people like too.

I am very gratefull to all you helping me out :slight_smile: Thanks beforehand !