Help me choose a standalone DVD player



Well, I tried to fix my xbox because it was having problems reading DVDs, and instead I made it so that under no circumstances will it recognize a dvd. So now I’m going to buy a standalone, please help me choose one.

I need:
Component Video out
Optical Audio out
Play DVDs (obviously)
Play audio CDs (mp3 not neccessary)
Decent remote
Format compatability (I am going to get a DVD burner soon, and I already have a lot of DVDs from Asia [they have no region set])

I’d prefer to spend ~$200 or less. Please give suggestions and help make my night better :slight_smile:


I have two of the Philips dvp642 players and am very pleased so far. App. $70 and they play the mpeg4 (divx, xvid) format too.


The New Pioneer 588? plays everything like divx, DVD audio, and SACD and it’s pretty cheap also. I have a 563a which is the drives earliest version minus the Divx stuff and it’ll play almost anything I have burned even if the quality isn’t great. The multi high res audio formats sound great too if your ever going to try them you’ll be covered. The video quality is also excellent for the price and it’s a progressive scan unit as well, looks great on my 16x9 HDTV.


Hi :slight_smile:

Only my opinions:

If you’re mainly after image quality, or plan to record at low speeds, go JVC. The DR-M10 is outstanding and cheap but you may be plagued by the (in)famous “load error” that would hopefully be fixed by JVC servicing (it’s a known issue).
If you are picky for audio CD playback quality, take it from me (I’m a musician and producer), the M10 is -as yet- the only DVD player that I know that may compare to an audiophile CD player.

If you’re mainly after ease of use and reliability, go Panasonic. In your prices, the E55 I think. Softer and darker video transferts though. Not my favorite, but many happy users.

The Pioneer 220 is a good compromise, and has plenty of adjustable settings (maybe too much actually…).

Avoid LiteOn, not because image quality (that is outstanding), but because their software is rather buggy. This could improve in the future.

DVD recorders from other brands seem marginal to me. Don’t take it for granted though.

Search this forum and The forum :slight_smile:


Go for the Pioneer suggested. You can not compare a Pioneer to a Philips.