Help me choose a place to get my music


Hi guys! This is not my first time to the forum but it is my first time posting a question. I know you guys know the ins and outs of all of these downloading sites and I need your help. For what seems to be the last trillion years I have been using WINMX for my music and of course now it (sniffle, sniffle) it gone. I am having music withdrawal!!! I have looked into legally downloading through Napster and all of them but my goodness by the time I pay $9 bucks a month and so many cents for each download I might as well go buy the album myself. Also most of them say that they offer 1 million songs…big deal! Maybe I am wrong but 1 million isn’t that many and I guarantee that if I did sign up with one of these programs I wouldn’t find the music that I am looking for like I did with WINMX (for obvious reasons of course). Please someone give me a site to go to. I don’t know who is reputable, who has spyware, who I have a sure fire chance of getting a law-suit put against me, etc. Any thoughts would help me…thanks in advance!

The only ones we can tell you about are the legal ones. REad the forum rules and you will see why.

Oh, I know that…but is there any legal ones that amounts to anything??? They all look like money getters to me and that they are not worth the time.

Any legal site is the same cost. 99 cents a track. Also, if they are legit, you can see the catalog to determine if they have what you want. Anything less, unless it is a subscription service like Rhapsody, is not legit and no one can help you here.

Frostwire and RevConnect are both very good programs to get your music. Of course, you can only use them to download indie, free, non-copyrighted music, as any other use would be illegal.
As for legit pay-per-download services like itunes or napster, forget them. They all encumber their music with some form of DRM “protection”.
AllOfMP3 doesn’t, but it’s yet to be seen whether it’s legit or not. I think.

Legit suppliers would not have spyware or adware in their software as you pay for the products and so they do not need to use them to get the revenue. If you get an all you can download for one subscription fee site, it is not legit all they do is supply you with a p-2-p client like eMule, which is free anyway, and depending on where you are downloading music from other filesharers maybe illegal.

I’d suggest paying for a yearly subscription to Yahoo Music Engine and then use Tunebite or Muvaudio if you want to take your music with you.

There’s a huge thread about both programs in the audio forum.

Uh-huh. Pay for a music service that gives you a drm-encumbered file, then waste time and lose quality to get it to work as it should. No thanks.

Just use any of the major P2P service such as eMule, BT, and LimeWire.

all these are illegal
plus, you can get a virus from these things
i used to have limewire but after 6(!) viruses entered my pc i don’t have any program to download music…thye best solution is to go and buy the cd you want or at least order it…end

The only way to get a virus is if you are daft enough to run a file without scanning it first.

The p-2-p clients are legal as they are tools, how you use them on the other hand may not be. BT is used by some linux distros to release their OSs onm to save traffic on their ftp servers, a completely legal use of the BT network.

It’s not for everyone, just as your suggestion isn’t. You don’t want to “waste” your precious time that’s fine. It takes little to no time to setup a playlist and reencode the files overnight . . . while you sleep. :rolleyes:

No they ain’t.

plus, you can get a virus from these things

It’s really simple to not get viruses from them, if you aren’t downloading software.
If you download mp3s, they cannot be virus carriers, so you’re safe.
If you download zipped or rar-ed archives containing complete albums, all you have to do is to not execute whatever executable files might be in them.
Even if you download software, just have it scanned by your antivirus before you open the files.
Following these simple guidelines I’ve never gotten a virus through p2p. It baffles me how many people complain of viruses when all they do is download music.

thye best solution is to go and buy the cd you want or at least order it…end

If I didn’t know better, I’d say you work for the riaa.
Come to think of it, I don’t know better… O_o

It’s still not something I’d have to do. Not when I’m paying for the privilege.

Sorry: Could not help myself :bigsmile:

I don’t get it.

I don’t doubt it :rolleyes:

Exactly. And there are other legal uses for BT. Just take a look at or :slight_smile:

Ok I use to use Win MX and it is no longer as I can see. What can I use to replace this? If you can not post it here please message me what programs are still usable and good.

There are a few threads in the first page that answer that question, and performing a search will give you more info.

Hahaha, good one!

But, the best site AFAIK is allofmp3.
You pay for the encoding, say, $2 for a 50MB wave file (CD Quality).
But, you can get them @ $0,25 for a 256 kbps var bitrate mp3.
The selection of formats is wide.