Help me. CDemoIsoTrack, Add PrevSession Infomation

Help me… CDemoIsoTrack Object, Add PrevSession Infomation

I use CDemoIsoTrack because Time offset

but, T.T; i cannot make multi session code.

How merge Prev Session to IsoTrack ???

Current, i got the result “new session burn”

my psheudo code here …

int BurnProc( )
CDemoIsoTrack IsoTrack;

IsoTrack.AddEntry ( sFileName1 );
IsoTrack.AddEntry ( sFileName2 );

typedef list <CDemoIsoEntry> DemoList_t;
for( DemoList_t::iterator it = IsoTrack.m_Entries.begin(); 
      it != IsoTrack.m_Entries.end(); ++it )
    CDemoIsoEntry  Entry = (*it );
    printf( "filename [%s]",Entry.GetName() );
NERO_WRITE_CD  *pWriteCD = (NERO_WRITE_CD *) malloc (size);
memset (pWriteCD, 0, size);
pWriteCD->nwcdIsoTrack = &IsoTrack;
pWriteCD->nwcdCDExtra = CDExtra;

CIsoTrack  *pIsoTrack = NeroImportDataTrack(  );

/////////////// ?????????????????????
IsoTrack.AddEntry ( pIsoTrack );  /// ERROR   
/////////////// Help Me ?? 

Burn( );


i have an msi dr8-a2 dvd rw it frequently throws errors focus racking and eide command aborted using nero5.5 any ideas? drive is only weeks old

CIsoTrack *pIsoTrack = NeroImportDataTrack( );
/////////////// ???
IsoTrack.AddEntry ( pIsoTrack ); /// ERROR
/////////////// Help Me ??

NeroImportDataTrack does not return a CIsoTrack but a tree of NERO_ISO_ITEMS which contain some information about the files on the disc. So what you actually have to do is to provide this information to your iso track implementation and give this information to NeroAPI when it asks for.

I think, you have to enhance the demo iso track of NeroAPITest a bit to actually support multisession. The information you have to take from the iso items is

// Used to reference a file from a previous session
long dataStartSec;
__int64 dataLength;
struct tm entryTime;
struct CImportInfo *importinfo;

And is to be given to NeroAPI with these methods of CNeroIsoEntry:

// Can be used to reference files from previous session
virtual DWORD GetDataStartSec(); //
virtual BOOL IsDataFixed(); // return TRUE here
virtual BOOL GetEntryTime(struct tm *tm)
virtual CImportInfo *GetImportInfo() const;

Thank you, very much ^^

i’m happy, your reply…

have nice day ~~~