Help me buy media!

hey guys! i am very newb to burning dvds and i dont really know much about brands beside taiyo yuden and MC. im currently running a nec 3540A and i need some blank medias to back up my DVDs. i am using liggy and dee’s hack firmwire W4. i also use dvdshrink and nero for burning. can you tell me some good medias at or any trustworthy place online! not too expensive looking for like 50media or 100 media packs. how is the liggy and dee’s W5 going? planning to flash later on. thank you for your help in advanced! :bow:,,,, and as well as are all good stores with decent prices. I would stick with TY and Verbatim MCC, otherwise you would be looking for trouble and you won’t save that much money. Keep an eye open for Verbatim 8X price drops as it is discontinued.

how would we know which is TY and Mcc. can you give me some links to some good ones.

ok that was stupid! sorry. these TY are real right?

If you want the best service, stick with Rima

Yes they are real. And rdgrimes is right about Rima.

would those disc best with my 3540 and those mcc ones because i want it to last a long time.

Your NEC will burn most anything you feed it, but the TY will be nearly perfect.

ok i wanted to get these

Fuji and its TY =) or is it? the reviews are pretty old. 2004

or should i get the non brand TY from rima.

NewEgg will send you Fuji, which may or may not be TY. You can’t be sure, and NewEgg won’t usually promise TY. Ask them and see what they say. Is it worth the risk for a few dollars? If you want Fuji, go to BestBuy and get it on sale where you can see what you’re getting, but most of the newer stock will not be TY.

ok this is like my last questions. is it worth it to spend a few more bucks on DVD+R then DVD-R? while im going to get those TY at

ohh very last thing what is book type i been hearing about


The cdfreaks bargain basement forum is a good place to find out about current good deals on blank media.

The above posted supermedia TY’s are probably fake.

See this post:

Looks real to me.

how do we tell by looking at them? should they say something like made in japan or made by taiyo yuden if i was to go to bestbuy or something.


I misread them for dvd-R.

… sorry

The ones from have been confirmed time and time again to be 100% genuine TY DVD-R. Where you run into trouble with fakes is when you buy some no-name brand (ie Sonic, Matrix) that claims to have the Taiyo Yuden media ID code. I have yet to hear of fakes being sold under TY’s name. Anyways, supermediastore and shop4tech are decent. Meritline I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. and on the other hand are both excellent and reliable sites. Just compare all of the store ratings at and you will see. :wink:

No they are not fakes but they are old stock which means that they have been in storage longer and might not have had the greatest care with packaging them up and shipping them out. I am one of many who has had great luck with them, but I certainly won’t try and pass them off as being equals with the stuff that sells.

Yes, Taiyo Yuden are “Made in Japan” so look for that label.
They can be found in MIJ Sony’s, Fujis, and TDKs.