Help me burning dvd



i really need HELP i just bought a work out dvd and my kids love to play with them i just need to learn how to make copies of my dvds just in case but i need them to still play in my dvd player


You can try anydvd with clonedvd from or use dvdfab both have a trial to use before buying. there are some free programs-do a search on cdfreaks


thank you i have clone dvd trial for 21 days i just know download i’m just not sure how to use it


what do you mean by anydvd with clone dvd i need both






hello you still there


[QUOTE=sweetpea2001;2186088]what do you mean by anydvd with clone dvd i need both[/QUOTE]

Yes you need both if the dvd has copy protection anydvd takes care of that and clonedvd copies the disk to a dvd -use the middle clone dvd on right and locate where the video ts files are and follow the instruction on -has a tutorial


[B][B]so first i run it threw anydvd then i copy disk using clonedvd[/B][/B]


Anydvd works in background and clonedvd copies to temp file then you insert blank dvd go to slysoft for tutorial