Help me burning a CD please

Hey fellas, pleased to meet you all.

I’m a real newbie in burning images and stuff, so I really need your help.

I recently downloaded 3 files required for burning a CD - one is an IMG file, another one is a CCD and the third is a SUB file.
I downloaded the MagicISO program in order to extract the IMG file into the CD, and I did, but I didn’t know what to do with the other two, so I didn’t touch them, and burned the files in the IMG file as a data CD. and unfortunately, the CD containing only the extracted files from the IMG file, didn’t work.
what should I do with the CCD and SUB files? please explain me exactly, as I’m clueless (and desperate :D).

thank you for your help!

Try CloneCD.

What’s CloneCD? as I said, I’m a complete newbie.

CloneCD is a burning program. Your files belong to that burning program. You can get a free trial here.

it worked! thanks a lot!!!