Help me Burn DL with My NEC-3500

I just got some Ri-Tech DL (2.4x) media in from NewEgg and Proceeded to try and use Nero to burn dvd files. I had previously ripped the DVD to my Drive like normal except didnt compress it where it would take up about 6.3 gigs. i have my 3500 flashed to the Herries 2.17 Firmware and have had no problems burning at 4x or 8x ( dont have any media that will burn over 8x). After recieving my new DL media today from Newegg

i did a fresh reboot of my pc and clocked to default speeds to insure stability and a clean system, fired up Nero, inserted a DL disk and proceeded to add the ripped dvd files to the video compilation window. Everything was proceeding as planned and it appeared as though it cached the files and started burning. about 4 mins in it errored out, i thought well its 2.4x media and i tried to burn it at 8x so ill just try again at 2.4x well it just ruined another disk. Can anyone give me any suggestions? i have already checked the cables and set the drive to master ect and it burns cd’s and SL dvd’s just fine. Could it be the firmware? On a related note i just installed a Lite-On 1633s i think it is with factory firmware and it wont even get started good at 2.4x before it errors out but only on DL media which is too expensive to be making coasters. any suggestions would be appreciated. I know this is the Nec forum but if anyone can suggest a good firmware to try on the lite-on i would appreciate taht too.


Didn’t see you already tried @ 2.4X’s sorry

Looks like Liggy is about to post a new beta f/w …might try it when he releases it.

How will i know when he does can you link me to where to watch for it?

It’s on the posts here now try it out at your on risk…

I updated the Nec to the beta 8 and no it lets me burn my 8x Ritech at 8x instead of 4x but still errors out on dual layor media.

BUT i aslo updated the LO 1633s to the newest firmware and it burnt the disk fine at 2.4x but i wasted $30 worth of media on the NEC with only cost 60 :frowning:

wish Nero let me simulate


there are still issues with those dl media…that you got from newegg for now I would get the verbatim mkm dl media the nec 3500a writes them great at 4x with the latest nero…

that media was disabled in the firmware and liggy turned it on for testing… you should post your results ie failure in the beta 8 firmware thread… there was probably a good reason it was turned off … maybe the media quality is too variable like other ritek media or somthing…