Help me burn a dvd

Is 123 copy dvd good for burning movies? I have an nec 3500ag. I’m trying to back up :bow: one of my favorite movies that’s rare before the kids break them. Don’t they have protections and things like that or will it still work with 123 copy dvd. :confused:

might want to check in the TRANSCODING forum rather than a hardware forum

Ok, thanks. So many different forums.


123 Copy DVD is yet another transcoding program. It doesn’t decrypt your DVDs for you, but you can download a plugin to do this. You could also use DVD Shrink together with DVD Decrypter and be $29.99 better off :wink:



guys am really new to this please help
i tried to copy Pirates of the Carribean using DVD Shrink 3 and nero vision express
i did the the analysis thingy i took 30 min then 1:49 min encoding then 40 min on my sony 2x drive
my machine is P4 2.0, 1GB Ram
it did all that and said burning ok and everything
i tried to play the movie on my Mico DVD player but it displayed disc error on my screen
please advice?

It may not be your burn process as much as your Mico DVD Player. What types of DVDs will it read. For example, my player will read DVD-ROMs, DVD+RW and DVD+R but not DVD-R. You speak of Nero Vision Express. I think that Nero Recode is a part of that. Did you rip with DVDDecrypter, as suggested? Did you transcode with Nero Recode, or other? What type of media did you use, +R or -R?


there are 2 proggies i have changed to that are awsome.

anydvd & clonedvd2. u cant go wrong!!!


well i use dvd-r
what i did exactly was
installed nero vision express
then opened DVD Shrink
put the dvd in my dvd player
then it did first analysis in 4 min
then i read that to obtain better quality do the deep scan thingy
so i checked both boxes in the quality setting
then pressed backup
another window poped up where i had to choose my dvd writter then it did a 30 min analysis then 1:49 min encoding and then 40 min recording on my 2.4x sony dvd writter
everything went well but the dvd didnt play on my Mico DVD Player
any ideas??

Have you tried the copy in another stand-alone player?
What brand of DVD-R did you use?
There may be a compatibility issue with the blank disc you used.