Help Me Build A Standalone Cd/Dvd Duplicator!

I want to build a standalone cd/dvd duplicator from scratch. I have intermediate pc knowledge when it comes to computer components and building pcs (which is very similar to building a standalone cd/dvd duplicator). So I am smart enough to understand whomever would be helping me. I’ve wanted to build one for the longest time because I am in the sound recording industry. Therefore I run into musicians everyday who always ask me where they can have batch duplication done for their original music. Secondly the price for already built units is pretty hefty (from $900 up to $10,000). I know I can waive this cost by buying the parts needed to build one.

From what I’ve read up on, and pretty much gathered I believe this is all I need:
(I may be missing some stuff.)

  • Cd/Dvd Duplicator Controller > Approx $100

  • IDE Cables > $5 Each

  • Dvd Burners > $22 Each

  • Power Supply > $20

  • Duplicator Case > $50

  • Hard Drive (Optional) > $50

Note: There is possibly more I need or some of the items such as power supply may have to be special made to power all drives, that or daisy chained/piggy backed. The ide cables might have to be different or the newer skinny kind to avoid heat build up. I don’t really know since I’ve never built a duplicator that’s why I need help.

My objective is to have an identical stand alone system like the ones you can buy online or at pc stores. I want to be able to do mass disc burning and possibly buy some sort of thermal printer on the side so it can put titles/logos on the top layer of the disc. As for the cd/dvd duplication controller, it must be a good one with many features (most importantly being able to burn 9 or 10 discs at the same time/automatic session). I don’t know if the controller burns each disc at a time while the other disc waits in the drive, or if they all burn at once. Regardless this is stuff we can cover along the process. Finally the burning drives must be of top quality capable of handling mass burns.

Help Wanted:
I need someone who has the knowledge to help me do this from start to finish who has experience in this field, and people that can give me very important ideas/info. I basically don’t want to get stuck making this halfway.

Related Info:
The are the only two pages I could find with the best information on how to build one. Though they don’t delve that much into details so it leaves the mind wondering about certain steps or components:

Page 1
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  • Thank You

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

I don’t have any experience with duplicators, most of us here do not. But I can suggest to get a better power supply like one made by Seasonic, the one you have pictured will have trouble keeping up or even lasting. Secondly, make sure the IDE cables are 40pin with 80 conductors, you could alternatively use the better round IDE cables. has both the Seasonic and the round IDE cables.

If your handy with a soldering iron, you can add more molex connectors to the existing ones on the power supply. DVD/CD burners don’t use a heck of a lot of power so adding one or two more per power line should be ok.

Thanks for the brief info! The psu and molex suggestions were very useful… See I never thought of that. Bravo! Thanks.

Anyone else have any ideas/info?

I wouldnt add to the powersupply. They designed and rated for a particular usage. Although it probably wouldnt peak to the total wattage, soldering more wires on to it, could completely wreck your duplicator. Just buy splitters, you dont need more dvd burners than the IDE controller can hold anyway.

Great response. I appreciate the idea… Ya I did’nt think that soldering more wire onto the psu would be a good idea either. Using molex spilters would be my best bet as you said. Problem is I don’t know how many molex spilters can go on top of eachother without causing any kind of harm to the system if possible.

Just buy splitters

Ya I did’nt think that soldering more wire onto the psu would be a good idea either

I don’t understand what the difference is here with these 2 methods; either way, if you solder or buy splitters, you are still accomplishing the same thing. I personally feel if you buy a good quality power supply (Thermaltake), that adding a few extra connectors won’t kill the system, esp. for burners.

I have soldered several conenctors in my current system with no probs., even to power HD.

However, that being said, since you will most likely have to buy the “pigtail” connectors anyway, unless you have some old PS lying around to rob them from, you may as well buy the splitters/Y power cables - at least it will make for a neater job! :smiley:

Good luck & keep us posted! :slight_smile:

One of the things that will be hard for me to get is a duplication tower case. I only use paypal online, and as far as my city I only know this one store that might be able to order one for me for about $65.