Help me Beat Starforce Please!

Hi my i wont bug u to much but i do know that u know ur way with protection stuff so i was wonderin if u could help me out. I have recently downloaded the full version of Rise and Fall off a torrent and got a mdf file which i know is a alchol 120 image. Anyways i installed it fine and then when i tried to run the game but it uses Starfoce version Anyways during the opening of the game a thing pops up asking be to check the disk to see if it has starforce or whatever. So ive been trying to figure out what the hell i need to do to get rid of this starforce so i can play the game. If you could shed some light or help in any way i would be greatful. P.S. Yes i meet the required specs for the game and have Alcohol 120% version 1.9.2 and dameon tools 4.03

You’ll find all the help you need here and here.