Help me backup a few games

I wanted to backup a few games, buy Clony couldn’t figure out the copy protection.

  1. Curse of Monkey Island
  2. Escape From Monkey Island
  3. Grim Fandango
  4. The Longest Journey
    Does anyone know the settings you need in Alcohol to backup these games?

Scan them with A-Ray scanner to determine the protection used and then take it from there.

Well many of you don’t know this but once you created an mdf and mds go to A-Ray scanner and go to Options and click TwinCreator and Select the image (mdf) and the Media-Description (mds) once you done that click start and it will create a patched image. Once that is done open Alcohol and select burn image then look for the patched image you created using TwinCreator then burn. I done this many times and it works almost every time.

Good advice if the cd is securom 4.8x/5.x/7.x protected but useless if any other copy protection is used.

I could backup all except The Longest Journey. Could someone please tell me the CD protection this game uses.

German and UK versions are protected by ‘Lock Blocks’