Help me back up dvd's with error's

hey guys

im new to copying dvd’s ,just got back from asia and want to back up some dvd’s i got over there ,some of them copy fine but others come up with an error

DVD shink encounted an error and cannot continue,invalid DVD navigation structure.

and clonedvd2 came up with the error

unexpected error please be sure that all input files are available and that they represent a properly mastered DVD,if the error persists please send an error report to bugs@elby.chy.

(ifo propertties 6)

the movie is touching the void,it plays fine in all 4 of the dvd players in the house and the car and fine in the PC ,the disks look new no marks at all

any help would be much helpfull

cheers jarrod

When I have gotten an “invalid navigation structure” error from Shrink it has been trying to copy a DVD that was copied on a standalone DVD recorder such as a Liteon 5005. These type of units produce DVDs that use DVD+VR file format instead of DVD video. Do you see any indication that it is the DVD+VR format? I ran into a similar problem and it was resolved by using TMPGEnc DVD Author. More info can be found in the following link, (If this is your problem)

Hope this helps.


that tmpge helped but now ive got another error about the sound not in the right bitrate it’s got to be 9.848mbps got any ideas how i can encode it ,ive tryd the tmpge plug in but cant D/L it for some reason i think you have to pay for it

cheers jarrod

Not sure about converting audio bitrates. I did a Google search on it and found some interesting stuff that may send you in the right direction. You may want to try Blaze Media Pro. You can get a 15 day free trial by following the download link on the following page:

Let me know if it helps.

I have a way to solve the CRC error problem, you have to use dvd decrypter & DVD shrink. cloneDVD2 + anyDVD doesn’t work in this case.

  1. decrypt your DVD to your hard driver with dvd decrypter. You can set skip error inside dvd decrypter.
  2. use DVD shrink to shrink/edit the filess you decrypter. The DVD shrink will not complain those CRC errors as cloneDVD2 does, and it will keep on encoding and burning with out any problem.

hope it help!

doesnt work ive tryed it ,it will decrypt it fine but wont let me put it into DVD shrink

it says failed to open file D:\TOUCHING_THE_VOID\VIDEO_TS.IFO

I had this prob. with several dvds from china last month. The ifos are corrupt, I think. I tried many softwares to back up and had my first success using smartripper to rip the main movie, making this into a 6gb dvd using TMPGenc dvd author, then using Shrink to shrink the result. This could only keep one soundtrack and lost all chapter information.

I then found a more efficient way of dealing with it. Using software called DVDFab platinum I was able to transcode the DVD in full, to one DVD, with no errors like Shrink or Clone gave, but it transcoded very quick (12-15 mins) and I felt the Qual was nowhere near Shrink. Also the 4.7GB “shrunk” dvds still gave a nav error when loaded into shrink. By using DVD Platinum to copy just the main movie(no menus), then loading that into shrink, I was able to keep commentaries, subtitles, chapter info, and end up with a compliant DVD, albeit no menus…

Hope this helps - The DVDFab plat demo runs for 1 month if u wanna try it.

Good Luck :iagree:

Are the DVDs you refer to original discs? Since you’re using a backup program to shrink the disc then that would be logical but I can’t assume. Seems odd that you would get navigation errors from original discs because this normally applies to copied discs where the DVD structure has been altered producing non-standard programming.