Help!. Making a VCD for CDi player



I have done a VCD with the Shakespeare in Love DVD.
After 10 or 15 minutes on the first cd-r, the CDi hangs and can’t continue the playing.
I haven’t burned the second cd-r.
The process I have done is:

1.- Ripped with Dodspeed ripper.
2.- Encoded with Flaskmpeg.
3.- Cutted in two mpeg files with Ifilmedit.
4.- Re-encoded with Xing mpeg encoder.
5.- Burned with Easy cd creator 4.

(all latest versions).

I have done the re-encoded with Xing mpeg encoder because
making proves with a 20 minutes mpeg file, this process solved the CDi hangs problem,
(see another thread message above), after 8 or 9 burned cd-r on the trash
i said: “Yes!! it works, i’m going to do a complete vcd!!” but now the problem persists

what are wrong??.

Someone have done a working VCD for a CDi player?

(sorry for my english).


All i can say is try it with Nero.

Let us know if that ain’t working either…