Help making a backup copy of my OEM X-Wing Collectors CD

I thought that I would just humble myself and begin putting this request in the Newbie column. I am the original owner of the X-Wing Collectors Series CD which I purchased new back several years ago. The game comes with two CDs. Disc 1 is X-Wing and X-Wing vs Tie Fighter: Flight School. Disc 2 is Tie Fighter. These are the Windows 95 upgraded versions of the extremely popular games of the same title (which by the way play quite well under Win98SE).

As with most games, you must insert the CD in order to play. Having done this several times, while the original CD is still in great shape, I stumbled upon this website and discovered that creating a legal backup of a game that you own is ok. If this game was not my own personal copy, I would not even be having this discussion.

Hence, here is the problem. As stated in most of the forums, in order to create the backup the type of protection must be identified. I have downloaded and used CD Protection Scout, Clone Cd Games Database, Clony XL, and Clony XXL version but none have been able to detect the type of protection on either the CD or the installed game.

Clicking on the file Xwing95.exe without my original CD inserted yields the message of “Could not find Xwing CD…Please insert Xwing CD into your CD Drive” so I know that it is a protected disc. Please help!!!

if its a win 95 game it will have little or no protection. Anyway dont worry about identifying the protection, on clonecd, just click backup protected pc game, and it will make an image, then just burn that to disk

So far as I can recall (my kids used to have and play both those games) neither is copy protected. All that is used is a simple cd-check.

You should be able to make working copies by just using the plain old cd-copy function of nero or any other burning program of your choice.

Thanks haveacigar and philamber for the information. Since my Liteon 40x12x48x (Model LTR-40125s) was causing the computer to reboot or lockup during anysize burn, a local computer shop owner allowed me to borrow a Liteon 52x32x52 (SOHR-5239v)burner from his store (no cost-advantages of a small town local) to detect if the freeze problem is is in the burner or the Operating system. It appears that it may be in the O/S.

Hence, I will take your suggestions and using either CloneCD or Nero on my Win98Se system, I will attempt the backup and report back the findings. Since discs made for Win95 had little to no protection, this is perhaps the reason why the previously named softwares did not detect any protection. Brilliant! I will keep you guys posted. Being a newbie to the forum, I appreciate the lightening fast response and support. These site Rocks!!!

As promised in my original response, I am returning to verify the previously supplied suggestions. It is true that the CD for X-Wing Collectors Edition CD appears to have no or very little Copy Protection. I was able to make a backup copy of my OEM disc which to this day, is working without question. Sorry about the delay in getting back to “HaveaCigar” and Philamber et al, but I was out of town on business and computer access was extremely limited and I hadn’t yet had the chance to prove out the suggestions until now. Both discs (Disc1 XWing & XWing vs. Tiefighter; Disc 2 TieFighter)appear to have no or very little protection.

Please consider this posting closed - Thanks as always for the great help!