Help making a 1:1 dupe of SpellForce

I own legitimate purchased versions of SpellForce, CloneCDv4.2.0.2, CloneCDv4.3.2.2, BlindWrite4.5.7 and BlindWrite5.1.1.128.

I also have ClonyXXLv2.0.0.6, CloneXXLv2.0.1.5 and DAEMON Tools 3.44.

My CD Burner is a LITE-ON 52x32x52 which supports sub-packet reading and writing.

I have been unable to make a copy of the disc that will pass the verificaton check; it always says “Please do not use a backup copy of the CD”.

I would appreciate it if someone who has successfully made a working copy of the CD1 (with or without using DAEMON Tools 3.44) would share their secret.

Alternatively, if someone has a verified 1:1 hard drive image files I could test if writing is the issue.

At this point, I do not know if it is a reading or writing issue.

And yes, I have tried to set all the appropriate options for the reading and burning programs and tried reading at 1X and writing at 1x to no avail.

I have attached 2 screenshots of the CD protection as reported by ClonyXXLv2.0.1.5.

The first screenshot is what is reported by ClonyXXLv2.0.1.5 with the ORIGINAL SpellForce CD and/or with my (supposed) 1:1 COPY; ie. they APPEAR the same.

The second screenshot is what is reported by CloneXXLv2.0.1.5 when the ORIGINAL SpellForce CD is in the CD drive and the CloneXXLv2.0.1.5 System Monitoring option is used on a hard drive image USING DAEMON Tools v3.44 with emulation turned on.

I always make a backup copy of my purchased games; use the backup and archive the original. This is the first commercial CD that I have been unsuccessful with; would appreciate any help.

Feel free to email me if you do not want to publically respond.


Are you trying to make image or burn or both?
SpellForce is above SecuRom 4.85+ maybe Securom 5.
and their is never 1:1 copy when it comes to Securom 4.85+
it is either close to 1:1 copy or emulation.
if you had a plex premium it would be different.

also have you tried:

  1. CloneCD (Or Alcohol 120%) + BWA + Twinpeaks
  2. BlindWrite4 + BWA
  3. BlindWrite 5 + Topology + BW5Tweaker v1.5.5
  4. Alcohol 120% + RPMS emulation.

need tutorials, find them here:

maybe you can use search function first:




Ps: maybe you should remove those older programs.
because they could blacklist these protected games.

If you use Blindwrite, and download and run the Tweaker 1.55, then you should be able to play your copy.

The other alternative is using Alcohol (latest version) with the RMPS emulation. this is the method I used.

Hope this helps.


I just bought SpellForce and made a copy of it with the latest BW and when I tried to load it with the latest D-tools it said, “virtual drive detected, please put original CD in drive”. How lame is that! I can’t even load a legit backup with D-Tools!

I was able to finally make a workable copy with Alcohol 120% (latest version; just bought it). It requires the Alcohol120% emulator in the background but that is ok for now.

I am intruige by all the additional reading I’ve done and am going to investigate the CloneCD + BW + TwinkPeaks idea.

Philamber you rock, that was a great posting!

Also much thanks to T111645 for the links and the restpectfully reminder to try a little more searching first; classy!

Dupe On!


no problem.
nice to help out