Help! LVW-5001 won't play rental DVD's!

Hi Everybody…

Have a Gateway AR-230 (rebranded LVW-5001) that has been firmware-upgraded to appear as a LiteOn LVW-5001…upgraded with the 1163 firmware last month and all was well (hacked the fw with ilohacker to disable MV) and made it region free with the 2960 hack.

Problem is, I’ve been noticing that when my rentals appear from Netflix, my unit won’t play the DVD’s…opens with the familiar warning screens, but then freezes…can’t get to the main “top menu” and play the DVD’s…these will play on my PC fine, but not in my LiteOn unit…

If I make a copy of the DVD with my PC (using DVDXCopy) that DVD will play fine…any ideas what I need to do to fix this?

Also, I have upgraded fw again to the 1176 firmware (also hacked w/IloHack) and that didn’t fix anything…only other possibility I can think of is that the original drive firmware got screwed up by my first upgrade attempt and wouldn’t read anything…it’s the DDW451s drive…I was able to put the drive into my pc and reflash it to a LDW451s and it worked fine…maybe this screwed something up? I did have to flip the pos/neg wires on the drive mechanism for the drawer since the difference between the two models is reversed polarity for the drawer (the drawer wanted to open instead of close and vice versa)…LiteOn’s site offers a drive upgrade firmware for this unit, and I imagine if I use that upgrade I will have to remove the drive and flip the wires back to original polarity…

Any of you members have any ideas or experience with your LiteOn units not playing commercial DVD’s??? (It does play all my copied DVD’s and home-made DVD’s and VCD’s with no problems.)

Thanks for whatever you can offer.

normaly this problem occures when you put a new drive into the rcorder and the region was never set, you may have the problems since you reflashed the drive and failed to set a region. Put the drive back into you PC play an origional movie with WinDVD or some other players and the region will be set. Put the drive back into the recorder and it should be OK if it is you then can use the region free hack if needed.

OK…yeah, that sounds like it’s possible…no way to do that in the LiteOn machine, though, huh? Guess it’s time to dissect it again…

Thanks for the reply…cold up there in the hills, huh?


no, region must be set from your PC, it’s a pain but you only do it once

Thanks, CCRomeo…worked like a charm!

Much Appreciated!