Help, LTR-48125W failing to read some media

Hey guys, I just saw a 2 for 1 deal (Maxell 50 Disc CD-R’s), for 20 bucks, so without hesitating, I picked it up for my self. The first batch of the CD-R’s read fine on my LTR-48125W, but the second spindle batch doesn’t read at all… This happens to me occasionally, like some media never read, but after like disconnecting the IDE cable when the computers off and connecting again and then playing around with the DMA somehow it just works… “Sometimes” that is. But I do not want to go to the trouble with all that changing again. Does anyone have any idea why it does this?

Thanks in advance.

As you can see, I had the same problem some time ago : .


Nevermind, gave the Lite-On a diffrent molex of its own, now works flawlessly. :bow: