I need some help from you pros. I just bought the CENDYNE Lightning III, which is LTR-40125S from Lite-On. I took out my old HP-CD Writer and put this in its place and all I get is windows saying that it is an ATAPI 40/12/48x CD-RW. That would’nt really bother me except everytime I try to burn (In ROXIO 5.3 platinum) my comp keeps freezing. Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Take a look at The Big Lite-On FAQ and overclocking thread and try to verify that your drive is a Lite-on. If it is, if you wish you can flash it with Lite-on firmware which will then allow the drive to be identified as a Lite-on by your system.

The Cendyne is supposed supported by EZCD only in the very latest versions. According to the Roxio supporte recorders list, the correct drive inquiry string for your burner is CENDYNE 401248AX. If Windows is recognizing the drive in Device Manager as an ATAPI 40/12/48x CD-RW, this is probably causing the problem with EZCD Creator.