Help... lost remote

Unbelievably I lost my remote to the Lite-on 5001 DVD Recorder.

I’ve looked everywhere, and I must have thrown it out by mistake. It’s the first time something like this has ever happened.

Now I can’t access the menu and change recording speeds or finalize my discs. Does anyone have an extra controller I could buy, or know where I can get another controller?

Thank you,

You should be able to get one from Liteon.
I heard of someone getting a replacement for free

Ok, I would like to buy a universal remote in order to control this Lite On 5001 DVD Recorder. Which controller is the best, and has a code that will work with the 5001? My Directv controller does not list a code for any LiteOn product, and I don’t want to buy a controller that won’t work. Anyone use a universal remote to access the menus/guider of their Lite On?


lspear76 - here is a link to liteon for the remote codes for the 5001

kurb has the right idea though, contact LiteOn and as he stated you might get one for free
I had bought a Universal Remote Control that could learn and it could not handle the codes for my 5005

Just called lite on and they directed me to a website that sells remotes.

$12.99 for the remote, plus $4.00 shipping. Not bad.


I found the remote for the 5005 at another “replacement remotes” online store…for a higher price.

Thanks for the info!

if you haven’t found one, try 1-800-remotes

Does anyone know if an “all-in-one” remote would replace my original one. Original was broken in pieces. Model #rm55 was on remote. Will any other Liteon remote work with the lvw-5007? thanks

most report all-in-one even learning remotes will not work with LiteOn recorders.

I found a great site with a zillion electronic parts etc…and they carry all kinds of remotes. If you know the brand and model number you can find anything. It helped me out in a pinch. Hope it can do the same for you.

Hi, what the better site to buy a remote control for liteon ? I went to but i don’t like.