Help! Lost MDS File

Hi all,
I have this problem: i lost mds file of a dvd copy but still have mdf file. Unfortunately i can’t remake the backup copy of dvd. Is there any way to re-create the mds file?

thanks in advance

Why on earth can you “i can’t remake the backup copy of dvd”? Just put the original into your drive and remake it. Do you need help with settings?

simple because i haven’t it anymore! I made a copy of original dvd on hd using alcohol, then my son broke the dvd… now i can’t restore it because, due to my accidental delete, there is only the mdf file without correspondent mds file! is there any way to burn the mdf without mds? or a way to recreate mds?

The only legal way to do this would be to contact the company of the original DVD and try and get a replacement. The law says that you must own the original disc in order to posses an image. Sometimes they will replace the disc if you can show that you owned it by having the original packaging and/or a receipt.