HELP! Lost DVD options!

Well I tried it with the change in the registry I showed above. ( two posts up) (this thread: )

I tried the registry change recommended in the above thread and it lost my DVD options except in recode2.

I have the 6.3 oem version.

When I startup in startsmart, I don’t have the choices for dvd and cd anymore. Apparently it lost the dvd plugins which it had.

I got this with a memorex dvd drive.

I tried to uninstall and install again but it didn’t help.

Any idea on how to completely uninstall so I can get a clean install again.?

I got it to install properly again.

When it uninstalls it doesn’t remove the registry entries or the program files folders.

I deleteted all the registry entries ( 3 places) and the program file folders.

Now its ok.

I still want to know if anyone knows why that happens or if there is a faster way to fix it.

Use Nero’s clean tools: