Help Lost 2 recordings on HD

Well during a defrag my LiteON 760GX crashed and now 2 recordings just show a grey box with no thumbnail is there anyway of recovering these files? I tried copying to DVD but it just says Please Wait a Moment.

I am new to this forum (just found it), but have been using a LITEON HD-A760GX for three years. I don’t see any answer to your question. I had the same problem. Was doing a defrag when my house (and the whole neighborhood) lost electrical power. I had many files that were OK and so copied to DVD. But 30 files are corrupt. Some have a gray thumnail, some have its original one. Some files play part way through and stop, some do nothing, some just cause the player to hang and I must pull the plug. Any way to repair these files? They are very valuable to me. Or even save what is left? I tried plugging the HD into my PC, but I don’t recognize any of the file types. I didn’t really know what I was looking at.