Help! Looking For Original Verbatim 321240AL Firmware

Yesterday, I successfully upgraded my Verbatim 321240AL to a Lite-On 321240S. Everything went fine and I actually got the thing to burn at 40X. Unfortunately, the backup firmware that I made on the floppy disk disappeared… If anyone has a copy, could you send it to me @ this email addy (in BIN format).

Also I have a question concerning the orange light on these Lite-Ons. What do they mean and is it supposed to flash when it suddenly changes burning speeds?

Thanks in advance.:stuck_out_tongue:

about the orange light, how often does it come on, when does it come on, and how long does it stay on?

As far as I can tell, it only occurred once and was on for about a second when I burned at 32X. Not really sure if it is supposed to do that…

If it only occured once, it’s nothing to worry about. All that means is that it had to stop writing for a moment for whatever the reason might be. It might have had to slow down because of poor media, but the more likely would be that the buffer was empty for whatever reason. It could have occured because of an anti-virus program running in the background, a service such as findfast or indexing service might have been running in the background, it could have been any number of things, but unless it is happening often (several times in each burn) it’s nothing at all to be concerned with.

I will check for those things that you mentioned.