Help..Looking for divX to DVD converter

Hi all,
I’m new to this so please go easy :bigsmile:
Does anyone know of an easy to use freeware, or fully functional free trial software (no watermarks etc) that converts divX to DVD. I would buy a software programme if I thought I would give it a lot of use, but I’m really only looking to convert about 8 discs, and probably wouldn’t use it again.

Try this predecessor to ConvertXtoDVD

Hi Mistycat,
Thanks for that, I’ve tried it and am getting a good converted copy of the first track within the folder, just need to work out now how to convert the whole folder ! Thanks again

ConvertXToDVD is a great program and it just got 20% faster with the latest update, you ought to try the free trial version. I don’t usually pimp software but this is truely a must have proggy.( In my opinion):iagree:


Here’s a preview of what will / can be available in the upcoming v3.00 for the menus !

Man that’s gonna be nice :bow: