Help Looking for a new Writer

Hi every one I am in the market for a new Dvd Writer.I am going to pass my Trusted Nec 3500 down to my son.I was looking at the nec 4551.I also see some people like the BenQ.I have never had a BenQ plus my 3500 is the best Dvd writer I ever owned.Any input would be helpful thanks.

My two cents: keep the 3500 and buy a new drive for your son :bigsmile: LOL

Seriously now, the 3500 is still the best NEC burner to date. IMO none of the most recent NEC drives is on par with it, and despite the fact that I own two 3540A and a 4550A, I prefer to recommend either a Benq 1650 or a LG 4167B if very high burning quality is what you’re after.

Don’t misunderstand me: these new NEC burners are fairly good, but not top-notch as the 3500 was, that’s all. :frowning:

I suggest to give LiteON 16H5S a try, it also supports LightScribe technology, plus i’m getting wonderful quality with it even on cheap media :slight_smile: If you’re interested in seeing some scans just pm me, but if you’re against LiteON, then i don’t recommend you to buy a NEC, try LG :iagree: (maybe the 4166 with LightScribe) But personally, i like those which support quality scans…

Thats what I would like good quality copying and Relibliaty. I will give up speed for Relibliaty and quality.will not to slow :).I used to be a liteon person I still use my liteon (cdr Writer 52327s) but as far as liteon dvd writers I had bad luck with them but that was a wile ago.Ok so its between LG or Benq.I also did not like the old Benq cdr writers they back in the day they never lasted that long.So what would you guys pick up if you were in the market ?.thanks guys

I should go with LG then… I had 2 BenQ’s 1620, the burns were good, but i didn’t like their construction and they looked like toys to me. Try an LG :slight_smile:

what LG model would you guys recomand?