Help, looking Firmware for Matshita UJ-831S

Looking for official firmware page of this Combo drive.
This model is produced from Panasonic, Sony or Nec ? :sad:

On Forum Rpc1 I have found two firmware respectively Nec or Sony, 1.02 and 1.04, oddly my drive currently have revision 1.50 i am confused :confused: :confused:

Help me…plz

p.s. excuse the bad English :bow:


Unfortunately I can only upset you. Matsushita (it is Panasonic) has no official site where they provide the customers with firmware upgrades or anything else.

I’m exactly looking for firmware for this drive (thanks, google!) and i found those same files in rcp1. The problem is, I can’t get it to work; it tells me “the target drive is not connected”. I mean, what? What does the program understand by “connected”? Could anone help me out? Thanks in advance…

Ah, revision 1.50 also. I guess we’re simply the unlucky guys…

Then it’s not the correct one for your drive. YOU NEED are specific OEM version!!

The problem is that I was looking for firmware to turn my drive region-free. I have a region 1 imported DVD that I can’t watch due to that. It is just so stupid… I guess we’ll just have to wait until revision 1.50 firmware is released. So far they only have 1.02 and 1.04…

In general, Matshita/Panasonic/Matsushita drives are the WORST you can get in this world if you ever think to have a drive regioncode-free!

A lot of people have problems with this drive - Mine is in a Medion Laptop, and Medion do not currently have a firmware update for it. I suggest you visit and click on OEM support down at the bottom of the page. If we all do this, we may get somewhere!!