Help - Liteon LMU713H from A760GX

Not sure where to post this. I posted elsewhere about my problem of the DVD burner not working consistently in my Liteon HD-A760GX Recorder. I have a specific technical problem. While trying to troubleshoot this unit, a friend removed my DVD burner (Liteon LMU-713H) to try to see if it would work in his PC. He was careless in removing it and didn’t notice that there is a small PCB (with 2 switches and 2 LEDs) attached underneath. Now, he doesn’t know how the PCB attaches to the burner. :a It appears to me that the switches sense when the tray is open or closed. Now my burner doesn’t work right. The LEDs light up, but the tray doesn’t open & close properly. When I activate the switches on my own, the tray opens and closes. We can’t figure it out. Below are some pics of the burner with the switch PCB. Can anyone help? Pictures from a complete unit would be awesome, if anyone has. Thanks for any help in advance.

Make your “friend” do one of the following:

  1. Buy you a new DVD recorder.

  2. Buy you a DVD burner that will work as a replacement in the recorder.

I already got my LiteOn working again. My problem was solved when CE member afecu answered here:

PJ, I just took a look at your photos, and that PCB looks like the ones that are on pretty much all Lite-on DVD drives. Take a look at this photo, which is in a review of the SOHW-1633S, and shows the boards from the bottom, and see if it helps. The LEDs and the black switch on the other side of the PCB will point to the front when it’s mounted to the rest of the unit.