Help! LiteOn LDW811S can't recognize any disc after flashing


I have a LiteOn LDW-811s (OEM version). After reading lots of articles saying that updating firmware is recommended, well, I was interested to do it too. First I was using HS0R.exe on windows (existing firmware is HS0K). Flashing/updating process is said to be succeeded. But suddenly, the yellow light flashes on. The drive itself does exist (recognized correctly as LDW-811S), but when I insert any disc to it, it always said “There no disc in the drive”. I rebooted my PC, the flashes still exist, and it can not read/recognize any disc inserted to it.

Then I tried to re-flash it using MTKFLASH 1.83c and HS0R.BIN file, using the “MTKFLASH 3 /B /W HS0R.BIN” command (I put this drive as Secondary Master). All banks were updated successfully. The yellow light still flashes on and the drive still can’t read any disc inserted to it :frowning: I moved its position to primary/secondary slave, still no luck :frowning: Hiks…

Any suggestions? Please, please, please…

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Save Eeprom first.

Download Eeprom utility and choose checksum / repair checksum.

Use the Devicemanager to remove the drive entry and the IDE channels.

Thanks chef, I’ve did what you suggested before, nothing changed :frowning:

To jbv, I’ll try your way…! Well, actually, what caused this problem, anyway? Is there some software-thing inside the drive is broken? Just curious…


I have this drive too.
Mediacompatibility sucks big balls.

If you have 50 bucks left, go for another new good burner from Benq, LiteOn, Nec or Pioneer.

I’ve replaced this drive with a new one (same model) from my local retailer because I need to burn data so badly, and this firmware-thing really made me desperate and was wasting my time. I think I’m not the right one to do this huh? :frowning:

Thanks a lot anyway, dudes!!!


You could try here…

What these guys don’t know about LiteOn drives aint worth knowin.
Helped me out b4.

You could also check out drive reset utility and ltnflash util to restore old drive.
Find both on the above site. If unsure ask codeguy…