HELP! LiteOn LDW451-S Problems

LiteOn LDW451-S Problems

i have a problem with burning negitive dvd’s first of my dvd-r or dvd-rw brand im using is memorex i have my firmware up to date and my problem is when i burn a movie using programs like sonic or clonedvd it locks my pc up as soon as it starts burning the whole thing is frozen i have to reboot my pc and i notice if i use Alcohol and i start my burn it burns the first 32kb and locks up for about 3 min and then starts to burn and finishes it ok alcohol was the only one i got to work for now but what i dont understand is it locks up at the 32kb mark evrytime for a few minutes now this gets better i tried using a dvd+rw and i burn with no problems at all my clonedvd does not lock up and alcohol burns wright threw with out hangin up at the 32kb mark and my other programs work as well with no problems any ideas what can be causing my problem :eek: