Help! LiteOn 851s!

This is my computer:

Asus A7V133 with raid.
1024 mb sdram
120 gb harddrive x 2

I hooked up the two hdd’s with Raid.
Soooo I can’t enable DMA…
I tried a guide from here in the forum
to change VIA to Dual Channel something…

I installed the dvd-writer on Master/Primary.
It’s the only thing installed on the real channels.
The harddrives (as i said before) are installed in
the special Promise-channel.

The problem:

In Nero:
I can’t burn ANY dvd in Nero 'cause then I get an error-message.
Don’t remember what it said. I saved the log file so if any of you understand it. D-load it HERE

In RecordNow DX:
I CAN BURN! Written without any failure. But I can’t read it in the burner OR the standard Dvd-Rom.


Can the failure’s be that I run the hdd’s on Raid?? :sad:

Thanks everyone!!

Hi Electrix welcome to the forum, I don’t think Raid is the cause of your problems, I’m running Raid and have found my burner is burning better than with out Raid, for Raid you don’t need DMA , just make sure you have it for both your IDE Channels. go over your set up again step by step and make sure every thing is setup correctly and are using the correct 80 pin cables. and the latest Raid drivers. are you running Win 98 se ? , When I had 98se I used to use a patch to improve the performance of Promise Raid on a VIA 133 , chipset,

Hi coathi! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply!
No actually i’m running WnXP with all the updates
and packs…


I actually made it! I burned a dvd…
(I rebooted it after i tried to change driver
to channel thingy… :cool: )

I just have one little simple question…

Does anybody know what media that
is compatible too be written by a LiteOn
and that can be red by the Playstation2-dvd?

Oh an thanks again coathi for the reply!
I just love this forum! :smiley:

Motherboards with VIA 133 chipset are known for all kind off issues when coming to burning DVDs. [Even asus.]

As for your example, when you are on RAID, you could update your chipset drivers here or just uninstall your IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller [yes, the whole], restart, and install default M$ WinXP drivers on next bootup… :wink:


For the PS2-DVD thing, you can’t play backed up games in the PS2 unless you have a mod chip or a cover that you screw on to the top of it. In terms of playing backed up movies in it, I’m pretty sure you can and I would suggest Ritek just because Ritek seems to be the best compatible with a Lite On drive. I’m sure you wont damage the ps2 dvd.

Hi Electrix , great to hear you managed to sort out your problem with your burner.

As for playing PS 2 back up games , you need to have your PS2 Mod Chipped and the best program I found to back up my PS2 games is Alcohol 120% and any good quality media should work OK, some people use DVD-R but with my burner I found Ricoh DVD+R works OK , you can find all the information and Tutorials you need by using the search in the forum. all the best