HELP Liteon 32123s only 16x

Please any insight on this would be appreciated.

My system
Epox 8kha+
256DDR 2100
Althlon 1900XP
Asus DVD drive 8x - Secondary IDE MASTER
Liteon 32123s - still on warranty only 2 months old. SECONDARY IDE SLAVE
Quantum 20g drive - PRIMARY IDE MASTER
Maxtor 1g drive - PRIMARY IDE SLAVE
Windows XP Home
Nero 5.5

My problem is that i have burnt 6 discs at 32x (audio cds) without a problem. Now when i go to burn the highest speed Nero will allow is 16!!!:confused:
I checked with Nero info tool and it says that this liteon is 16x write and only 12x read. What is going on here???

I have not flashed the firmware on this drive. I tried to uninstall it then reinstall it in windows device manager - reboot, same problem.
It burns cds well, but only at 16x not the 32x it is supposed to.
I haven’t even tried rewritables on this drive at all. Just CDR’s

Please what should i do, what is wrong?


it sounds like you are using a lower speed media and nero is giving u the max speed safeburn will let u burn at with that media also a couple things u might want to look at in your system, id recommend puttting the dvd reader as slave to your cdr on the secondary channel and im pretty sure that 1 gig hard drive on your primary channel would be hurting your transfer rates from your main hard drive bc i dont remeber ever seeing any 1 gig drives that supported anything more than regualr ata1

you can flash it to 40125S with XSU1 :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

thanks arkan351, but when i eject all media from the liteon, and start info tool it still says the same thing max read speed 12, and max write speed 16, this is without any disks in the drive.

If i do flash this drive won’t i void the warranty, how do i flash this drive?

I am pretty sure it is related to the media you are using. Even if you remove the media Nero will ‘remember’ the latest type you used. You can also try this in Nero:
Recorder > Choose Recorder > Options > Disable ‘Smart Burn’

You should now see 32x in the record menu.

Thanks for all the help!!!

Connos was right it was the media, cheap disks i guess (spindle of 100 for 30 bucks canadian.

If i disable smart burn things are ok
once again thanks