***HELP: LiteON 32123S can't burn after installing PIONEER107 ***




I recently bought the PIONEER 107 DVDRW and installed it as a master with an existing LiteON 32123S (XS0R firmware) as the slave on one IDE. Before anything, I installed the new Nero 6.3 after uninstalling my existing Nero 5.5.10. Now, the new pioneer drive works perfectly fine, but the liteon cannot burn anything! Everytime i try to burn it says that:

SCSI command aborted.
Burn Process failed at 32X.

And just aborts the burn. No software works… I tried the old Nero and CDRWIN - no luck. Can someone tell me how to fix this problem? Thanks for all the help.



You are in ‘wrong’ forum, but here are some HINTS.
(This is a SW problem.)

Please google and learn to use SEARCHbutton at top of page… :slight_smile: