Help! Liteon 24102B, BlindRead's Alt Read Method

HELP! I just went out and purchased the LiteOn 24102B (firmware 5S54)…and to my total shock and horror unparallelled, I came to realize that upon Opening BlindRead that my burner does “not support” its Alternative Read Method! I dont understand! A friend from this forum said that he/she was able to use that feature with the same burner as me! Why can’t mine do it? I went to download the latest firm ware, and I was informed that my burner already has the latest firmware…(right out of the box?)

Please, anyone with answers please respond…I have had this sick feeling in my stomach ever since I noticed…I think I am developing an ulcer…

On a brighter side, I was able to make a gorgeous back up of Aliens VS Predator2 using the settings contained in Clony and CloneCD…I was MOST pleased…

Thanks for all and look forward to your help…

The alternate reading method in BlindRead is not important !

However Subcode extraction is !

The naming of these two menu points have changed between version and version of BlindRead !

Whats the difference between Alt read method and the extraction of subcodes? And when would I use the Prior?

Anyhow, thanks for all the help, Kosh…you always seem to be the one helping me out…


I am so wonderfully thrilled with my new burner…I’ve been able to make backups of cd’s containing SecuRom new AND Safedisc 2…plus, contrary to the LiteOn’s review in the main page, I was able to make a safedisc2 back up in about 10 minutes!

(Clony is glorious…as well as this site)

Alternate Read method is “SAFE MODE” like using ASPI in CloneCD which is also “SAFE MODE” !

It means … if BlindRead can’t interface properly with your reader/burner you can try alternate read method which means you will be lucky if you manage to copy any protected CD’s … so don’t use the alternate method … NEVER EVER !

Subcodes is the same as subchannel data … used when copying SecuRom protected CD’s among others !
Blindwrite suite only have one global checkbox for this where as CloneCD splits subchannel data into Audio & Data !

Hey, thanks so much for clearing that up…I was totally oblivious to that fact. you are most gracious in providing help. Thanks.